Software Dashboard

Give your organization unprecedented, easy control over your phone system in real-time with our unique app.

CRM Integration

Our Cloud-based phone system is capable of integrating with popular CRM packages for extraordinary call reporting.

Time Based Routing

Calls are intelligently routed to different destinations, allowing callers to connect with you more easily.

Virtual Receptionist

No more busy signals. Virtual Receptionist allows your calls to be answered efficiently and consistently with personalized recordings.

IVR Menus

IVR menus work with Virtual Receptionist to welcome and route your callers to the right destination.

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Call Recording

Whether you record calls for training or for other legal reasons, Call Recording lets you save your calls for later use.

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Unlimited Extensions

With Intulse, you can easily add or remove extensions as your business changes.

Customized Greetings

Give your phone system a more personalized touch by recording your own voice prompts and greetings.

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Multi-way Calling

Joining three or more callers is easy, and with our Software Dashboard it's downright simple – just click and drag multiple parties together.

Conference Calling

Conference calling allows multiple parties, whether internal or external, to be joined together on the same call.

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Simple Call Transfers

With the Software Dashboard or your IP phone, transferring a call is as easy as clicking and dragging or dialing the number where you want the call to go.

Company Directory

Callers or internal team members can easily find who they are searching for in your organization.

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Custom Hold Music

Let's face it, nobody likes being on hold, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Make the experience easier to take by choosing your own on-hold music.

Dial by Extension

Allows your callers to reach a user by dialing their extension directly.

Dial by Name

Allows callers to dial the first few letters of the person's name, then let the phone system search the directory for any possible matches.

Direct Inward Dialing

Callers can reach an extension without going through the IVR prompt menu.

Ring Groups

Allows you to group a team's phones together to ring simultaneously when a caller dials a certain extension. When one team member picks up, all other phones stop ringing.

Presence Monitoring

Team members can see whether another person is currently on the phone or free.

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You can set up unlimited voice mailboxes. Every extension, group and queue can have their own.

Voicemail to Email

All voicemail can be forwarded to your email address as an email with an attachment.

Call Queues

Calls are placed and answered in the proper order.

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Caller ID

Always know what number is calling your business.

Do Not Disturb

In a meeting? Or don't want to be distracted? The Do Not Disturb feature will send your callers directly to your voicemail.


Fully supported by Intulse and recommended for all your phone numbers, this service allows emergency dispatchers to locate your business quickly.

Find Me/Follow Me

Team members may route their callers to multiple phones, including cell phones and any others, simultaneously or in a specified order.

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Call forwarding

Set up your calls to be forwarded when you don't answer, when you're busy, or all the time.

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Missed Call Indicator

Even if your caller decides not to leave a voicemail, you'll be able to see that they called.

Number Porting

Keep your phone numbers from your existing telephone system and easily transfer it to your new service.


Keep your existing equipment and/or receive faxes as PDFs in your email.