Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems by Intulse

Our powerful call routing capabilities, flawless CRM integration, and the nearly endless features of our unique Software Dashboard mean you’ll always stay in touch and on top.

Call us today to get a custom phone system at an affordable price, and with service that no other company can match.

Core Features

Businesses choose us for our reliability, our ability to customize, and our personalized service. They also think we offer some incredible features.


We integrate with your CRM package so you can see who's calling, access their records and log call notes with a touch.

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Software Dashboard

See who's on the phone, who they're talking to and who's away from their desk. Plus, you can easly transfer calls or join conferences.

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In business you're not always tied to your desk phone, so send calls to any mobile device or laptop and keep working when you're on the go.

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Why Choose Intulse?

Intulse offers enormous capabilities for a small price that's GUARANTEED to save you money. Get plug-and-play Cloud-based communications for a fraction of what the big phone companies charge, and stop being treated like a number.

Limitless Possibilities

Our phone system is extremely flexible and has nearly infinite enterprise-class features that are available at no additional cost.

Communicate Anywhere For Less

We provide these features and services for pricing that businesses of any size can afford. Small or large, Intulse brings you more value.

Unbeatable Local Support

Our support team is based in Central Pennsylvania and prides itself on personalized, one-on-one service. We live and breathe the tech world to give businesses like yours the advantages they need to succeed.

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