Connect Intulse to Other Apps Using Zapier

Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically. To learn more about Zapier visit

If you do not have an understanding of how Zapier works and what Actions and Triggers are then please visit Zapier's website and signup for a free plan, do some learning, then come back here.

Connecting your Account

To use the Intulse app in Zapier you will need to connect to your Intulse account. To do this you will need to generate an API key to use in Zapier. Please contact Intulse support for assistance with this step.


  • Received SMS Message
    Triggers when a new SMS message is received.
  • Started Call
    Triggers when a new call is started.


  • Send SMS Message
    Sends an SMS message.
  • Originate Call
    Originates a new call from an extension associated with your user to a target number.

Rev. Apr 20, 2018