Another way of integrating Intulse with 3rd party software is via Webhooks. If you're unfamiliar with webhooks you can think of them as Intulse making a web request to a URL you specify when "something" happens.

Currently, there is only type of webhook and in order to register your service you will need to contact Intulse support.

Extension Updated

Whenever an extension's device state changes this webhook is triggered. All endpoints registered with this webhooks will receive a POST request containing the following JSON:

    "Extension": "string",
    "Status": "string",
    "ConnectedLineName": "string",
    "ConnectedLineNumber": "string"

Have another idea for a useful webhook?

We'll consider building it! Please contact our support team and let us know what you're looking for and how you intend to use it.

Rev. Apr 20, 2018