Devices / Users

The most important part of our pricing is based on the number of devices or users you have. This is usually the number of employees you have plus any shared devices, such as conference phones. We scale with the size of your organization; the following table shows our device/user pricing:

Devices/Users Cost per mo.
1 $50
2-4 $30
5-9 $26
10-24 $24
25-49 $22
50+ * Call for quote


It's simple. We offer two pricing options for phones: buying or renting.

For the list of phones we offer and their prices, please check out our Phones page.

For a one-time, per-phone fee, you can buy your phones from Intulse. This option has the advantage of lower total cost of ownership over a 3-year period. Or, you can rent phones from Intulse for a low per-phone monthly fee. This option has the advantage of having no high up-front costs. Furthermore, Intulse remains liable for the device, so if there is ever a problem with it, we'll take care of it at no cost to you.

Toll-Free Service

Your first toll-free number costs $40 per month. Additional numbers cost $5 per month. That's it!

Software Dashboard

The Software Dashboard costs $25 per month for your entire account, regardless of how many devices you have.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration costs $2 per user, per month.

For complete pricing details talk to one of our sales consultants.


On average, we offer lower prices for 9 out of 10 businesses.

Give us the opportunity to come onsite and evaluate your current analog phone system or Cloud-based business phone system and corresponding fees. If we can't provide a proposal reducing your total costs you will still discover how to get more for your money from a phone system. If our proposal doesn't save you money we'll give you a $25 Visa Gift Card simply for investing 30 minutes of your time. That's the Intulse Guarantee.