VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be an economical solution for small to medium sized organizations. A virtual phone system offers the advanced features of an expensive PBX (Private Branch Exchange) without the associated costs and maintenance. With a main phone number for the company and an extension for each user, it's possible to integrate staff members who work from home, mobile users, and employees in multiple office locations into one phone system that connects calls to all your people, wherever they are.

Your current local, long distance, and even fax numbers can be easily ported to Intulse from your current phone service provider and since Intulse takes care of everything behind the scenes and sets you up with a redundant system during the transition there is the smoothest switchover possible and your callers will have no idea the switch is taking place.

That is of course until they make that first call to you on your new Intulse Solution and HD Quality handsets. They will remark about the crystal-clear quality of the call and the ease with which they can reach the exact person in your organization they need to speak with.

From one extension to 1,000, Intulse VOIP phone solutions provide you with a flexible, feature-rich communications system that can grow and change with your organization – now and into the future. We work with organizations of all sizes to harness the power of our unified communication tools – delivering seamless scalability, HD-quality voice, and features that power mobility, collaboration and efficiency.

Bottom line = we GUARANTEE you save money over traditional phone providers.